Mobile Assistance and Medical Aid aims to enhance the ability of organizations, which operate in the field like ChildCount+ and Project Mwana, to act in disasters. Both the organizations aid expecting mothers with guidance and healthcare information. At the same time, they are heavily dependant on local health care workers to act on behalf of them.

Code MAMA aims to bring these local health workers back in contact with their organizations in post disaster scenarios. It intends to use a phone, a card and simple automated voice system to do the same.
Code MAMA has two aspects to it.


During a normal or a pre-disaster scenario, training is provided to the health workers. On completion of the training, all the health workers are provided with a registration card which contains the hotline number, the organization to which they are affiliated to and their mobile contact information. The mobile contact number also acts as their identification in the system.

In the prototype displayed, the hotline number is 55-555-555, the affiliated organization is ChildCount+ and the mobile contact number is 00-123-4321.

Post – disaster

During the post disaster scenario, once the telecommunication networks are up, the automated voice calls from the Code MAMA system go out to the individual local health workers on the field. The mobile numbers of the health workers, which serve as their identification, are registered in the system.These automated voice calls are made to all the local health workers who have been registered in the system and thus enables them to check in.

If a worker misses a call which has been made by the system , he has the ability to call into the system on the hotline number which is mentioned in his registration card.

As the process of check in continues, the user interface of the Code MAMA system displays the statistics for a particular organization. These statistics represent the aggregate of the all the relevant data collected from the health workers from the automated voice calls, which had been made during the check in process.

Code MAMA intends to enhance the user feedback cycle by collecting information directly from the users of the system. It collects the information and verifies the availability of health care workers. It collects the data and presents it to the higher authorities so that they may assess the needs and efficiency of their health care networks, thus providing a foundation for taking better decisions.