The motivation for Code MAMA was from the beginning to help pregnant women during post – disaster scenarios. Originally, MAMA stood for Mothers and Medical Aid ( Code MAMA ).The goal was to enable mothers to get in touch with authorities in UNICEF who could provide them with guidance for better health care facilities. An additional goal was to bring them in contact with other women ( who are currently pregnant or who have given birth) for additional guidance and care. Through this, Code MAMA envisioned to build self help groups which could gradually help to rebuild the society which has been torn by disaster.

The technology involved was a Nokia 1100 phone which is among the widely used phones in developing regions. Text messaging was considered as a medium of communication between the mothers and UNICEF officials. A very important assumption which was made during the process was that women in developing regions know how to use mobile phones. Besides, it was also expected that the information disseminated during the interactions would be understood by the mothers.

For the same, meetings were held with the authorities at ChildCount+ and Project Mwana, which are initiatives, successfully deployed in the field. Both use mobile technologies that provide aid to the maternal community and depend heavily on the local health care workers. However, these systems were not designed to act during disaster scenarios. When a disaster strikes, there was no component in these systems which could handle the scenario. There was no way of disseminating information to these local health workers and bring them back into touch with the organizations who provide aid.